Our flourishing tower garden

Kindergarten father Jeremy K. is part of the ever-busy gardening committee. One of his 2018 “action items” was to send out some of the photos of the Tower Garden. The committee has been diligently maintaining it over the past few months.

Parents have expressed interest so he took progress photos for all to see. The speed at which those plants grew still amazes us. Enjoy

November 9, 2017

November 17, 2017

November 21, 2017

December 1, 2017

December 18, 2017

January 5, 2018


Bulb planting success!

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There was perfect fall weather for the Annual Family Bulb Planting Party this year.

Parents and children planted and spruced up our beautiful 91st Street Garden for the winter season. We planted over 600 daffodil and allium bulbs, cleaned up weeds and vines, picked-up trash, and pruned our trees and shrubs.

Asclepias seeds (milkweed) were ceremonially scattered into our Monarch Habitat, which will be used this June for our Monarch rearing project. Milkweed plants are the only food source for Monarch caterpillars, and we are proud to be a certified Monarch Waystation.

We would like to thank all 11 families who participated! We love to see whole families involved and get their hands in the soil. It’s good for our health and for our spirit!

New apple trees for our garden

With MANY thanks to the Anne Fontaine Foundation Grant, the City Gardens Club of NYC Grant, and in collaboration with our Cultural Arts Committee, we were able to accomplish a dream.

Five apple trees were planted at PS84 on Saturday, November 18th. 🍎🌳

All Kindergarten and First Graders study trees in our science curriculum, which make this a perfect collaboration for their studies.

The trees are safely planted on the 92nd Street side in planters, awaiting their final home on the roof garden next summer. When you pass by, say hello to our new forest, which will continue to grow throughout the years.


This is a BIG week for our gardens!

PLEASE, please, let us know if you can help!  We need your hands this week.

1. The Apple Tree Grant Pick up is happening in CT  at 11am, and we will need your help to unload at about 1- 1:30pm at PS84.  I will have a truck with 1,500lbs of bagged soil and FIVE AMAZING APPLE TREES for our tree grant. SKIP the GYM, and have a WORKOUT for GOOD WORK at the same time.

Please email Sherri if you are able and willing to help unload at 1- 1:30pm.  I know the time is hard, but it’s the best we can do.

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Thank you!

Dear Fearless Gardeners,

Thank you for a great fall fair!  It was fun to see so many of you and your kids enjoying this great event.  Thank you, Remy, for organizing this wonderful event!!

Thank you to Carole, Erica, Sharon, and Clementine  for all the prep work, pumpkin finding, decoration gathering, and organizing of the tables!

Thank you to Nathalie and Elodie for gathering supplies!

Thank you to Aliette Carole, Erica, Craig, Andrea, Benedetta, Alexana, Clair, Molly, Laetitia, and Maud for working at the Pumpkin Table, Garden Fairy Table, and the recycle beading table.

Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the night!  Remember to pick up your pumpkin, if you forgot it.  they are located right where you left them!

Ticket count:
380 for pumpkins
169 for fairy garden

We have POSTPONED the event to do crafts and decorate the 91st street garden into a Halloween Fairy Garden theme. Stay tuned for the new date.

PS84 Gardens News: Growing!

Dear Fearless Gardeners,

Welcome to the 17-18 school year!!

This year looks like a really fun year, and I have some big announcements to start the year. Every year it seems that we change and grow— (just like plants!)

We have some big changes, some happy news, and one big challenge.

First, the good news about changes:

We have a new teaching team this year. Two teachers will be sharing the Garden Teacher position:  the beloved Ms. K is back, and she is partnering with Ms. B!  So far, this looks like a stellar team, and we look forward to welcoming Ms. K back, and welcoming Ms. B to the family.  Ms. B comes from a great history of teaching and building garden curriculum for many Public and Private schools, and our administration is thrilled to have her on board.

We are infusing the Urban Roots Curriculum with the Life Lab Curriculum, which will bring stronger ties to science for our kids, and will be used also in the Science Lab, our Music Room, Art Studio, and our Stem Lab.  The administration feels that it is important to create even stronger ties to our cluster classrooms!

Some Happy News:

Some of the K and Pre-K Monarchs came back and laid eggs on the milkweed in the PS84 Gardens.  We spotted 5 caterpillars on August 23rd!  Look!

The Big Frustrating Challenge:

We are very disappointed that the Roof Garden renovation has not yet even BEGUN.  Frustrating!  Last May we were informed that the SCA was to begin in June, and now the project is back out to bid.  If you are interested in helping Dr. Lolis get this project started, please let me know. Meantime, we will continue to use our roof garden as is, and teach the PS 84 children this fall.

As always, our graduating Fearless Gardeners are ALWAYS welcome to join us and keep in touch by staying in the Google group.

Once a Fearless Gardener, always a Fearless Gardener!

— Sherri