PS84 Metamorphosis Project 2018

The Fearless Gardeners of PS84 are happy to announce that, given the success of the preK and K Monarch butterfly project in the past, this year the project will be expanded further to include all grades and it will involve different species of insects. We will have, monarch butterflies, painted lady butterflies, and ladybugs.

The PTA already ordered the larvae of the little creatures and we are planning to start the project and have them delivered to the school around MAY 30th. Some parent volunteers will come and help distribute one kit per class as we receive them, along with food and a place to house them in. We could probably use some help as we have to cover 32 classes this year! So, let us know if you are willing to lend a hand.

Depending on the type of creature, metamorphosis will take between 2 and 3 weeks. We are looking to release the butterflies and the ladybugs right around the second half of June. 

In previous years we prepared a package for each teacher with some activities to do with the kids. We even had some amazing parents who volunteered some of their time to come in and do some fun hands-on activities related to the butterflies with the children.

Talk to your kids and ask them questions about the metamorphosis project and what they are witnessing in their classroom! It is fascinating for them to see the life cycle of these little creatures.



To our parents, volunteers, and KIDS who came to the heavy lifting Work-Party on Saturday, Jan 27th!!  We were 19 parents, 1 grandparent, 4 MS-HS volunteers, and 14 Columbia University student-athlete volunteers — who worked together to Move our Urban Roots Garden to the temporary 91st street location so the DOE SCA can begin the renovation on Feb 1st.  

A resounding Thank You to all 36 who joined in this big workout, and the 8 of you that helped organize and spread the word beforehand!

We moved heavy planters, fruiting trees, plants, equipment, supplies, tools, 300 lb tree pots, six 200 lb picnic tables, bags of irrigation systems, 1500lbs of pavers, and 2000 lbs of soil to their new locations.  Yes, teamwork was needed to problem solve those big heavy items that barely fit through the doors and down the stairs.  We celebrate everyone who joined forces for this great workout, both body and mind, and thankful that we accomplished so much!!!

Our long-awaited Roof Renovation will begin by the School Construction Authority (SCA) in February, and they will make necessary repairs to the roof, upgrade the drainage, fix leaks, create new access, and then install a true green roof for our children to continue their Urban Roots Science classes.   While this renovation takes place, the Garden Program will continue with classes in school and in our 91st Street Garden.  We are grateful to our elected officials who have worked with us for the last five years to get this project started, designed, and approved. Thank you to parents, both former and current, who have worked on this educational dream for the past 7 years.

It is community moments like these where we truly see the strength in numbers.  On Saturday, we saw such incredible teamwork of parents and kids, it was a wonderful testament to the power of family at PS84.  

Thank you to ALL of our volunteers, our custodians, our administration, our Community Volunteers, our KIDS, and especially our Garden Teacher, who had the difficult task of figuring out where to put all those teaching supplies, so classes can continue this spring.

We are proud to be the PS 84 Fearless Gardeners!  Roar!!!

For more information join our google group:


Our flourishing tower garden

Kindergarten father Jeremy K. is part of the ever-busy gardening committee. One of his 2018 “action items” was to send out some of the photos of the Tower Garden. The committee has been diligently maintaining it over the past few months.

Parents have expressed interest so he took progress photos for all to see. The speed at which those plants grew still amazes us. Enjoy

November 9, 2017

November 17, 2017

November 21, 2017

December 1, 2017

December 18, 2017

January 5, 2018

Bulb planting success!

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There was perfect fall weather for the Annual Family Bulb Planting Party this year.

Parents and children planted and spruced up our beautiful 91st Street Garden for the winter season. We planted over 600 daffodil and allium bulbs, cleaned up weeds and vines, picked-up trash, and pruned our trees and shrubs.

Asclepias seeds (milkweed) were ceremonially scattered into our Monarch Habitat, which will be used this June for our Monarch rearing project. Milkweed plants are the only food source for Monarch caterpillars, and we are proud to be a certified Monarch Waystation.

We would like to thank all 11 families who participated! We love to see whole families involved and get their hands in the soil. It’s good for our health and for our spirit!

New apple trees for our garden

With MANY thanks to the Anne Fontaine Foundation Grant, the City Gardens Club of NYC Grant, and in collaboration with our Cultural Arts Committee, we were able to accomplish a dream.

Five apple trees were planted at PS84 on Saturday, November 18th. 🍎🌳

All Kindergarten and First Graders study trees in our science curriculum, which make this a perfect collaboration for their studies.

The trees are safely planted on the 92nd Street side in planters, awaiting their final home on the roof garden next summer. When you pass by, say hello to our new forest, which will continue to grow throughout the years.


This is a BIG week for our gardens!

PLEASE, please, let us know if you can help!  We need your hands this week.

1. The Apple Tree Grant Pick up is happening in CT  at 11am, and we will need your help to unload at about 1- 1:30pm at PS84.  I will have a truck with 1,500lbs of bagged soil and FIVE AMAZING APPLE TREES for our tree grant. SKIP the GYM, and have a WORKOUT for GOOD WORK at the same time.

Please email Sherri if you are able and willing to help unload at 1- 1:30pm.  I know the time is hard, but it’s the best we can do.

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