The Interactive Classroom Garden
A place for children to play and learn and get into the garden.
Our special place for our youngest students to engage in the natural world.
Thanks to a grant from Lowe’s
Thanks to Paige Keck from Foras Studio

The Recycle Garden
A beautification project to reduce vandalism and encourage community self esteem. A place for planting seeds and bulbs, to reflect on every day. We constantly accept plant donations for the Recycle Garden.
Thanks to a grant from Fiskars
Thanks to 89th Street Community Garden
Thanks to the Lotus Garden

Weekend Work Parties & Garden Playdates
A time and place to embrace your inner gardener, with your family and friends.
No experience necessary… come out to play, we’ll put you to work.

Afterschool Watering Club
Tuesdays from 2:45-4pm – hosted by the Fearless Gardeners. Where we make KinderGardeners. Learning what it takes to keep the garden alive with friends.

Growing vegetables and herbs in our roof garden courtyard, utilizing our science curriculum, and enhancing a hands on approach to nutrition and growth.
Thanks to a grant from NY Citizens Committee
Thanks to a grant from Grow NYC
Thanks to support from the PS84 PTA

The Plant Encyclopedia
The encyclopaedia of every plant in our Interactive Classroom Garden. A learning tool for the teachers and parents of PS84.
Use it with your child, find out something new.
Thanks to Dan Elish
Thanks to Paige Keck

Composting for Energy ‘Compbustion’
Recycle and Composting Launch October 21, 2011. How waste will be used, and re-used. How food energy can be used again. How to be stewards of our little planet.
Thanks to a grant from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

Garden to Café
A program to bring the vegetables grown in Urban Roots to our PS84 cafeteria. When a child GROWS something and EATS it, they almost always LOVE it! An initiative by GrowNYC.
Thanks to SchoolFoods and Vince D’Anjou

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