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PS84 Fifth Graders Back in ROOT Camp

PS 84 is set to launch the second season of ROOT Camp, our nutritional intensive studies program for 5th graders.  With tasteful thanks to Ample Table for Everyone who funded the program in its pilot year, we are proud to begin our second season on November 17th, now generously funded by parents through our PTA.

ROOT Camp is a series of ten lessons for 5th graders that teaches them about food, nutrition, and their own health.  This culminates the learning done in the PS84 garden in grades K -4th, where children grow vegetables and herbs, harvest, and enjoy.  ROOT Camp is the final step in this journey, bringing together the garden, science, and health curriculums; and empowering children to make educated choices while developing their own eating habits.  As 5th graders are getting ready for middle school, learning how to take care of themselves, nourish themselves, and make good choices throughout the peer pressure years, we are glad to send them off after a year of ROOT Camp.  Yes, they will be ready!

In the first lesson, after a detailed survey of how they currently eat and how they view food, kids will be challenged to look at snacks in a different way.  Get rid of the bag, and make your own good snacks.

Making Popcorn Nourishing

They will make their own popcorn, and adorn it with different hand blends of fragrant herbs and spices.  Want to do this at home?  Click here for recipe and information on page 24:

Check back every month for each ROOT Camp Recipe!

Share the Health.

Tasting Tray

 This course was developed and implemented through the generous foundation support of Ample Table for Everyone (ATE), a non-profit working to fund solutions that feed a growing population of food insecure families in New York City. Learn more at