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Earth Day Butterfly Garden Planting!

earth day butterfly planting

On Saturday April 27th,  PS84 families joined forces with Citizen’s Committee of New York City and Verizon’s Green Team Volunteers to transform an area of the Interactive Garden on 91st Street into: “The Butterfly Garden”.

A log was moved, pavers were installed, but best of all, 52 beautiful native plants from Glover Farms, LI were installed in their new home, the PS84 Butterfly Garden.  We planted: Milkweed, liatris, bee balm, black-eyed Susan, echinacea, silphium, little blue stem, and goldenrod (no, not the one that causes allergies!)  Come see!

With perfect weather on our side, it was a pleasure to be surrounded by such wonderful people, great kids, and a spring energy that inspires everyone to enjoy our little space of green in our asphalt saturated city.  Our Kindergarteners now have a real butterfly habitat to set free their butterflies; they are raising Painted Lady Butterflies now, and will be raising Monarch Butterflies in June. This fall, we hope to witness our butterfly habitat alive with caterpillars, chrysalis, and Monarchs.

A five year dream come true, our butterfly garden is now a reality.  A BIG thank you to Verizon Green Team and NYC Citizen’s Committee for their hard work and for funding this project.  Thank you to Paige Keck of Foras-Studios, our native species specialist and horticulturalist, for carefully choosing these perfect plants.  We are on our way to becoming a Monarch Way-station.

The sparrows that have taken home in Ms. Windeman’s birdhouses above the butterfly garden have a new front garden…..let’s hope they learn that caterpillars don’t taste so good!