Urban Roots



  • Urban Roots is a HANDS-ON SCIENCE GARDEN PROGRAM created for our URBAN CHILDREN OF PS84.
  • PS84 is the only school in Manhattan with the Urban Roots Program.  It serves Pre-K – 5.
  • Children learn outdoors on our roof garden, plant and take care of vegetables and fruit, watch the growth, see peas climbing, watch tomatoes fruiting, observe cucumbers growing, and best of all, taste and eat what they have grown.
  • Lifecycle studies and the Metamorphosis Project.  This year expanding the Monarch Project to all grades; and increasing our insect studies to include Painted Ladies, Monarchs, Ladybugs, Praying Mantis, and Tadpoles.

102_0776 (1)


The garden teachers, the most important part of the program, have developed the Urban Roots Curriculum that seamlessly entwines science learning in the garden.   

  • Kindergarteners plant bulbs, plant flowers, study trees and raise butterflies
  • First Graders plant a sunflower house, raise worms, and study lifecycles of ladybugs
  • Second graders are the “Keepers of the Garden” They are the hardcore planters, harvesters, and composters.
  • Third graders study the Three Sisters, energy, ecosystems, water cycle, and do a harvest project in the fall, and raise Monarchs in the Spring.
  • Fourth graders study the garden through the eyes of the original inhabitants of our area –the Lenape and Haudenosaunee, and learn other hands-on experiments related to our changing environment.
  • Fifth graders go to “Root Camp” — an in-depth tasting and learning experience focused on nutrition.



Through the generous gifts of our families and friends, we have specifically funded the Urban Roots Teacher since 2011 with a Paddle Raise. 

We believe in this program, the teachers want this program, the children love this program, and families wisely choose to fund it.  Thank you to all our generous donors!! 

You can DONATE ONLINE and donations are 100% tax-deductible. Download the Urban Roots brochure for more information about the program.

class in the garden

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