Fall Bulb Planting Party

On November 16th, 2012,  the students of PS 84 planted 300 crocus, snow-drops, and daffodil bulbs in their garden. Despite the cold weather and monumental challenge of planting so many bulbs, the kids had an amazing time. In a few months, the kids will see the results of their hard work. Can’t wait! Click on the images to enlarge the pictures.

View of Our Roof Top Garden

Here’s a peek of our roof top garden, including plans for the future. The students love to come here to learn and explore. Click on the images to enlarge. Enjoy!

Fifth Grade Garden Challenge

The Fifth Graders were challenged with a Math Problem: 

How many different ways can you create equal rows of 120 bulbs?   

They worked in teams, used their knowledge of arrays, showed their work, drew up their plans and presented them to their classmates.  The class voted on their favorite layout, and the winning team came up with an astounding amount of different ways to arrange 120 bulbs.  On Dec 2nd the fifth graders planted all 120 bulbs in the east garden of the front entrance.  We are looking forward to seeing the flowers blooming in March! Great Job!

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Check Out Our Latest Garden Adventure

I followed Class 123 as they planted bulbs in the garden. How did we get the bulbs? They were paid for by the grants and the balance by the PTA.  It works out perfect because bulbs are part of the 2nd grade science curriculum. The students adored digging holes and learning the proper way to plant a bulb. Thanks to all the parents and donors who made this event possible! We can’t wait to see the all the beautiful flowers in the spring!

Enjoy the pictures. Click on the images to enlarge.

Garden Party!

The work party was a success! We pruned, raked leaves, prepped the ground for bulbs, and had a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who came out to help!

Enjoy the slideshow.  

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Hello World!

I’m so excited to announce PS 84’s very own Fearless Gardener’s Blog! Enjoy the slide show. All the pictures were taken last week. I loved watching the kids explore this wonderful outdoor space. What’s your favorite part of our garden?

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