The Making of the Interactive Musical Garden


The 91st Street Musical Interactive Garden has recently reopened its gate with a new set of musical instruments surrounded by new plant life. It is now a beautiful soundscape enjoyed by our children — to learn, to express, and to inspire. How did it all come together?

The installation was not an easy feat, but a joyful effort shared by many. The garden that we see today was a result of a total of 40 work hours that entailed digging 30” deep holes, pouring concrete, stabilizing and leveling each instrument to set in the earth, as well as embedding 20 plants.

It was made possible by the collective work of 16 people spearheaded by no other than Ms. Sherri Sanford-Semon. We are also very grateful to Michel Zamojski who worked for 18 months to win a grant from Lowe’s to make this possible. So, Lowe’s deserves a big thank you as well.

There’s more to be done. We invite our community at PS 84 to discover and get to know our new garden. See what can be improved and be a part of this and other activities that make our gardens an integral part of our amazing school.

Pitch in! After all, to create a beautiful musical garden takes an orchestra of people working harmoniously together.


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