Peek-a-boo planters installed in Science Garden with help from DB volunteers

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October 24th.
This final installation of our roof garden “peek-a-boo” planters was a wonderful moment to see, after working so hard on this phase of our garden. We now have the additional 100 sq ft of planting space for our Urban Roots Program that we need, thanks to all of the amazing, dedicated Deutsche Bank and PS84 volunteers who came out on Thursday! These deep planters are necessary for the root vegetables like carrots and potatoes, and the ingenious peek-a-boo planters are perfect for learning about what roots do underground. Urban Roots, that is.
Thank you to all 20 of our own volunteers who worked prep, led teams, and helped clean up from 8am to 6pm yesterday. With a forecast of 80% chance of rain, thank you to all who did the fancy rain dance and brought out the blue sky and sunshine at the end!! Your awesome teamwork is the reason that I can even put together such a workparty! Thank you so much to Jean, Terryl, Ramon, Mary, Odile, Megan, Steuart, Tina, Erik, Dan, Jim, Andy, Nancy for planting, Ann for painting, Ms K for teaching class right through all this and getting the kids involved, Mr Velez for organizing with me, Ricky and Junior for racing around and finding us washers ( those were $1.70 apiece!) and especially Jim and Carol who helped Mr Velez and I clean up at the end of the day when we were so tired. Please everyone say thank you to Mr Velez, he has put in three 14 hour days in a row.
I am so proud of our team, look what we accomplished:
Moved 1500lbs of soil up stairs
Moved 750lbs of planters up stairs
Installed 512 washers and re-bolted 64 casters
Planted 28 plants
Cut 100 sq ft of enkadrain mat
Painted one sign, four important gates, and seven segments of fence
Painted ten letters, Two railings, and a chain link fence
Installed 13 pavers
Had 32 DB volunteers for 96 work hours
16 PS84 parent volunteers for 62 work hours
3 custodians
2 teachers
20 PS84 fifth grade volunteers for 10 work hours
1 Citizen Committee Volunteer for 4 hours
And 9 seventh graders from the science club for 45 minutes for a total of
177.25 work hours to finish the project!
Favorite quote of the day:
(after a very cool DB volunteer made a suggestion to me on how to do something better)
Me: “That is a great idea, let’s do it that way.”
He: “Hey, we work for a German Bank, we are all about efficiency.”
Me: “that’s a good point. ….. You guys are awesome.”

This work party was a true testament to the Fearless Gardeners! For those of you that could not be there to join to fun, peek into the garden during open schools week on Nov 18th and see what happened.









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